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Finding your favorite tea can be a real quest. Fortunately, we are there to help. First, our tea catalog is structured in a way that lets you browse by category. Just open the menu on the top left of the screen (yes, the horizontal bars located in the green bar if you're visiting from a mobile). Whenever you see a + sign, click on it to expand the section.

Alternatively, you can search our selection by name, ingredient or category in the search field that says "Find your tea here". That field is located in the gren bar at the top of your screen, at the right. For example, searching "Mint" will list all tea blends containing mint in the name or in the ingredients. Try it!

When you open a product page, make sure to read the "Additional information" tab. You will find the ingredients, the caffeine content and other cool information about your next favorite tea. 


Don't know which tea to choose? 

No problem! Just ask! Our frindly support team can recommend teas and tea blends based on your specific taste and preferences. 

Should you have any questions regarding our teas or other products and services, just click on the green window at the bottom right of your screen "How can we help?" to chat live with our staff!

If we're unavailable, please leave a message with your question and we will get back to you right after we finish our cup.   ;)

We are happy to point you to teas that you may like based on what you tell us. 


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