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Aren't you tired of all the big brands claiming their products are good for your health when in fact, they are NOT?!


So was our Founder, Ben Desjardins, when he created The Tea Company back in 2013.

His mission was to satisfy both tea lovers and those looking for a healthy alternative to coffee and other beverages.


At The Tea Company, when we say we’re passionate about tea, we mean it.

And we want to share the passion with you. We are still a small company, and we dedicate all our efforts in creating our own signature blends. 


Our teas are clean, free from harmful chemicals and fresh so you get the maximum benefits from every cup. 

We strive to find the best ingredients and combine them to create exquisite blends.


Our teas are blended in small batches to ensure unmatched freshness.

Every time you purchase our teas, you can be assured it hasn't been on the shelves for more than a few weeks. (Tea has a shelflife of over 3 years, but we mean total freshness).


Our blends taste so good they don't require any sweetener.

They are masterfully balanced and most customers admitted that they stopped adding sugar when drinking our teas. We care about your glycemic index!


Our teas keep in average 95% more antioxidant properties than the traditional tea bag. 

Our loose leaf teas, since they’re fresh and have not been chemically processed, keep in average 95% more antioxidant properties than the traditional tea bag. Big brands mass produce their teas and it can sit there for years because they’ve been chemically treated. This process cancels virtually all the benefits of drinking tea.


Our promise to you is you will never find any artificial ingredients or flavors in our blends.

We only use fresh, natural, high quality ingredients to elaborate the finest loose leaf tea blends. We keep adding more and more blends to our tea menu, so there’s a tea for everyone.  There’s never been a better moment to experience our all organic tea blends.


We don't hope to be the only tea you drink. We hope to be the best tea you drink. 

We ship all our teas from Amazon, so Prime members can benefit from free 2-day or same day shipping options. We sell exclusively online, if you're interested in wholesale opportunities contact us.


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If you have any question or comment, let us know!

You can use the live chat box at the bottom of the screen, or the form below to send us a message. We want to hear from you, let us know what blend you'd like us to create next!


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