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At The Tea Company, when we say we’re passionate about tea, we mean it. We strive to find the best loose leaf teas and offer exquisite blends to satisfy both tea lovers and those looking for a healthier alternative to other beverages, and we want to share the passion with you.

Our teas are all natural, and most of them are certified organic. When you experience The Tea Company’s teas and tea blends, you know you’re not ingesting artificial flavors, ever. Our teas are free from artificial flavors and other chemicals, which we believe would defeat the purpose of a healthy beverage.

Our loose leaf teas, since they’re fresh and have not been chemically processed, keep in average 95% more antioxidant properties than the traditional tea bag. Some teas can sit there for years because they’ve been chemically treated. Ours have a shelf life of a few months, because freshness is what we want in your cup. Don’t worry, when you order tea from us, it’s guaranteed to be fresh as we pack it when you order it. Our teas come in a re-sealable pouch to preserve its freshness. This also means The Tea Company’s teas taste better. People say our blends taste like they smell. And that’s good because our teas smell delicious!

When possible, we encourage fair trade business. This means we source our teas from small scale tea estates, often times family owned. We pay them a premium price so they can live a better life, and that makes us and our customers happy. Over all, it translates to a few pennies more per cup to the consumer, and we think it’s worth it. After all, without these passionate tea growers, we couldn’t offer such a quality product.

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Tea has been a favourite beverage for over 2000 years in Asia, and Europe. It has only been a few years that North Americans are discovering the universe of fine teas, and we’re there to help.

Our promise to you is you will never find any artificial ingredients or flavours in our blends. We only use fresh, natural, high quality ingredients to elaborate the finest loose leaf tea blends. We keep adding more and more blends to our tea menu, so there’s a tea for everyone.  There’s never been a better moment to experience our all natural tea blends.

If you have any question or comment, let us know! You can use the live chat box at the bottom of the screen, and if we're away just leave a message. We want to hear from you!

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